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All Good Things Must Come to an End

February 12, 2012

As it’s the first week without football, it’s time to reshift the sports world. Usually, here at TABSports, the  focus shifts over to college basketball. However, this time around, the focus doesn’t move on to something new. Instead, I personally move on to something new.

With the end of this football season comes the end of The AdamBomb Sports. While I enjoyed having this blog for three years, it’s time to onto something newer and better.

So what’s to come next? For starters, I was recently involved with Football Nation and Cold, Hard Football Facts. There, I used many of the basic tenants I used during the 2011 NFL season preview. So spawned the Mathletics series on CHFF, where the basic principles of normal distribution and regression to the mean (in statistical theory) tell us what changes will come from year-to-year in the NFL.

That will be the focus for a new venture, which will come soon on a new website. In this new website, I’ll answer a few basic questions:

  • What ways can regression to the mean guarantee a team’s improvement or decline?
  • Which stats are more prone to following normal distribution?
  • Are the stats that are more prone to normal distribution more trustworthy than stats that are less prone to normal distribution?
  • Does these phenomena only apply to the NFL, where there’s a 16-game regular season?

Hopefully, as I answer these few questions, I can soon answer more questions. Ideally, it will hopefully open a brand new way of thinking about the math behind sports.

I’ll provide details soon with basically information about what and where the new website will be. Until then, thank you so much to all the viewers on this blog!

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