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Pick’em Results: Super Bowl XLVI and Season Results

February 6, 2012

Well, I incorrectly chose the New England Patriots (15-3) over the New York Giants (12-7) in Super Bowl XLVI. As a result, I finish 166-101 for the season with 301 points. Compared to my first two seasons, this was a terrible year.

2009: 175-92 record, 319 of 490 points (65.1%)
I didn’t compare my predictions to any experts, but I participated in a points-based predictions pool with some of my local friends from Ewing. In the Street Crew Pick’em, I finished in first place with a strong finish in the postseason.

2010: 172-95 record, 347 of 523 points (66.3%)
The good times roll as I battle against the experts. I competed against four opponents: ESPN Accuscore, the ESPN experts, Pete Prisco and Cold, Hard Football Facts. I finished in second place of 12 in both record and total points. Better yet, no human was able to top the TAB Pick’em machine. However, ESPN’s Accuscore put its heartless, metallic hands on the faux trophy.

2011: 166-101 record, 301 of 523 points (57.6%)
I clearly took a step down the chain. I finish near the bottom of the pack among the 16 in this competition. Perhaps you can call it a championship loser’s curse. Perhaps you can call it a loss of my touch. Perhaps you can call it bad luck. No matter what the case is, the 2012 season must bring better outcomes to protect my reputation.

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