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Hot Female College Athletes: Worthy of Internet Frenzies?

June 24, 2010

So I was bored today in between the World Cup games, and I got to thinking of the internet sensation, University of California pole vaulter Allison Stokke. A few years ago, you couldn’t hear enough of her on the internet forums. Some of my friends couldn’t stop obsessing over her, and they probably still hunt forums and college websites for updates on the Stokke watch. At the beginning of the year, Busted Coverage probably had the most recent “update” on Stokke, involving a cowgirl outfit. Then, of course, that lead to many other related “updates” on the Stokke front, including that of fellow beauty and pole vaulter, Vanessa Chin.

Vanessa Chin

Vanessa Chin follows Stokke as a Californian and college pole vaulter who became an internet sensation for her good looks and athletic prowess. (photo rights to Busted Coverage)

Somewhere along the line, I also ran into FratHouseSports, which highlights attractive athletes from Shelby Shipley (sister of of NFL rookie and former Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley) to Matt Stafford’s college girlfriend. It has all-hot teams for each sport, debates about the hotness of athletes and other posts that generally fancy the male population, especially those in my demographic. As a college-aged student at a Division III university in relatively unknown South Jersey, I don’t get to visit SEC or Pac-10 schools. Sure, I find these athletes very attractive, but getting overwhelmed with it is as useless as obsessing over a model or celebrity. As cool as it would be to heading over to Arizona State or UCLA to meet some college beauties, that’s not a realistic option. Instead, I’m much better suited to focusing on the college scene near me. After all, you should get to know somebody before you try to get intimate with them.

Matt Stafford's girlfriend

Georgia cheerleader Kelly Hall before she became an internet phenom for being attractive, dating Matt Stafford, and "upgrading" her breast size after Stafford was drafted first overall in the 2009 NFL Draft. (photo rights unknown)

For those interested, I cannot show you any more “examples” of this material, considering how FHS has the rights to all their images. So does Busted Coverage, which is why they get the credit for the Chin photo. This got me thinking. How exactly is FHS getting these images? They’re not just images of the athletes at sporting events. There’s also bikini photos, party photos and other photos you expect to see on someone’s Facebook. Do these athletes have any involvement in these photos being released?

This got me thinking more. If not, should FHS even be allowed to post this? I understand we’re in the internet era, and if you’re beautiful with some connection to anything public (i.e.: collegiate sports), you must have some expectations to being seen in the male viewing public. Still, I can understand if a UCLA athlete minding her own business gets freaked out if she learns of a “fan base” consisting of internet-mongering males in the Northeast who would like nothing better than to get intimate with an attractive college-aged athlete. It is creepy in a way.

All I can truly comment of this matter is this: I know sex sells, even when it comes to online revenue and blog hits. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get more hits on these two photos alone than the rest of my blog. I also know most males just like to look at attractive females, just as most females like to look at attractive males, and there’s nothing more to it. Still, I think it’s somewhat bothersome if people start butting in on collegiate athletes’ personal lives. Sorry, but Allison Stokke is just trying to live her own life, and she’ll probably find a nice guy from Cal to get into a relationship with. In the mean time, I’ll let the other blogs post these pictures(besides the two up there) and have fun with what’s become viral subjects. It’s best just to stick with the actual matter of on-the-field sports here.

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