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Week 11 Pick’em Results

November 25, 2009

Yet again, I dominated in the divisional picks, but I didn’t exactly gain ground on the competition.

1 point
Miami at Carolina
Cleveland at Detroit

San Francisco at Green Bay
Buffalo at Jacksonville
Pittsburgh at Kansas City
Seattle at Minnesota
Cincinnati at Oakland
Philadelphia at Chicago

2 points (divisional games)
Washington at Dallas
New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Arizona at Saint Louis
San Diego at Denver
New York Jets at New England

3 points (Games of the Week)
Indianapolis at Baltimore
Atlanta at New York Giants
Tennessee at Houston

I stand with a meager total of 168 points (of a possible 273), which is well behind the leader’s total of 187 points in the Street Crew Pick’em.  Meanwhile, in the MySpace Pick’em, I have a 102-58 record, which is also well behind the leader’s 114-46 record. My respectful competitors, CHFF and FO, stand with a 109-51 record and a 100-58 record, respectively (not sure what two games are missing).  I’m still workin’ on it.

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